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Hearts on Fire: Dogs, Love, and Calendar Heroes (A Sweet and Sour Romantic Comedy)

Olivia is a lawyer and a vegan but quit her well-paying job to work at an animal shelter. Ryan is a hot firefighter and a hero who saves people and animals from fire. Sparks fly from the moment they meet, but after a recent breakup, Olivia is not ready to trust men again. When the shelter is in danger of closing down, the plan is to create a calendar featuring the firefighters and the dogs to be sold at the next fundraiser. Asking Ryan for help may be their last hope, only can he be trusted? With shocking rumors being spread about the shelter, people turning their backs on them, and firefighters joining the competing event, will the fundraiser be a success?

Will Olivia and Ryan end up together, or will Olivia’s impossibly high standards keep them apart ever after?

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A Taste of Love (Eat, Love, Vegan)

*It was supposed to be a MAKEOVER of her family RESTAURANT, not her LIFE.*

A clean romantic comedy with a touch of romance plus some delicious vegan recipes.

When Alexandra agrees to take care of the family restaurant, she thinks it’s only temporary, until her father recovers from a massive heart attack.

What she doesn’t know is that the restaurant is in trouble, and participating in the eXtreme Restaurant Makeover television show may be the only way to save it.

The show is hosted by a hot, but cutthroat, celebrity chef, Russell Stone, who turns around failing restaurants in less than five days, but his style and manners (or lack of thereof) are hard for Alexandra to swallow.

Dirty pots and pans fly around the kitchen, food gets spit out, and interiors are gutted as millions are watching and cheering, the bigger the humiliation of the restaurant owner, the higher the ratings.

She despises the very idea of it and doesn’t think she could do it.

Or could she?

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The Power Of One

Can One Person Make a Difference?

Challenge Yourself to Dream BIG and Make Things Happen—Including Creating the VEGAN World, You So Deeply Desire
While Living the Life You LOVE

The Vegan Warrior Hustle Series

I started writing the series after I went vegan. Many people when they become vegan go through an “EVANGELISM” phase, when they start a blog or recipe site, they begin posting to social media all the time, trying to spread the message. The veil has lifted for them, and they want others to experience the same. To their shock, others aren’t as excited to learn the truth or act on it.

No matter how many articles and videos and photos we share, others don’t join us on this path. Even our family and friends think we’re too much, too extreme, too naïve, too whatever.

So, in my enthusiasm, I started yet another ‘vegan blog’ but quickly became disillusioned, because I felt that people didn’t want to listen to me. I started searching for other things to do, looking for other creative ways of expression, and that’s when I began to write fiction. And these Vegan Warrior books have been gathering virtual dust. Now, I decided to post them again here, because perhaps it will help someone. And even if it helps one person, it’s worth it.



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