*It was supposed to be a MAKEOVER of her family RESTAURANT, not her LIFE.*

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When Alexandra agrees to take care of the family restaurant, she thinks it’s only temporary, until her father recovers from a massive heart attack.

What she doesn’t know is that the restaurant is in trouble, and participating in the Xtreme Restaurant Makeover television show may be the only way to save it.

The show is hosted by a hot, but cutthroat, celebrity chef, Russell Stone, who turns around failing restaurants in less than five days, but his style and manners (or lack of thereof) are hard for Alexandra to swallow.

Dirty pots and pans fly around the kitchen, food gets spit out, and interiors are gutted as millions are watching and cheering, the bigger the humiliation of the restaurant owner, the higher the ratings.

She despises the very idea of it and doesn’t think she could do it.

Or could she?

With her father’s health deteriorating, she’ll do almost anything to save his legacy, including getting on the dreaded show, despite her reservations, her only concern being that the new menu is healthy and entirely free of animal ingredients. The show producers believe this may hurt the ratings, which have been declining since the beginning of the season. To stay on the air, the show needs a finale that will make a BANG, not a BUST. Turns out, not just Alexandra’s family restaurant is on the line, but the entire show, as the producers threaten to replace Russell with someone more in touch with the audience or canceling the show altogether.

Will these two be able to overcome their differences to work together to produce an episode that will save the family business and the show?

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