What would you be doing if you were LIMITLESS?

What would you be doing if you knew you COULD NOT FAIL?

What is the ONE THING that would make you heart sing and make you want to jump up and down knowing that you get to do this — every day, every week, every year, for the rest of your life?

For me, here is what I wrote: I would be a part of something really BIG, TRANSFORMATIONAL, GAME CHANGING. I can’t and don’t want to be bothered with doing the boring, trivial, un-important every-day tasks, including online marketing stuff or working on stuff for my clients (yes, I know these things need to be done — by someone), and even some of the things that people consider fun, but me — sorry I have no time to waste on that because …


So, sorry if I’m not doing everything that you expect from me, in the way that you want it; that I’m not living up to certain expectations, and doing the stuff that everybody else is doing — but that’s because I have big things on my mind and cannot be bothered!

I have my head in the clouds thinking and coming up with ideas — what can I do in this world that would truly make a difference. How can I inspire others to wake up, stop doing what they’re doing — look around and step up and start living like there’s no tomorrow, like they give a damn.  So in my head, I’m this Superwoman on a mission, who is living fearlessly and knows no limits.

There is one problem with that, though.

Nobody really knows this about me — except for you, now that you read it.

You see, I’m a Superwoman – but only in secret, only in my head.

I haven’t really told anyone — yet.

I haven’t been really showing up, doing the work that I believe needs to be done.

I guess the reason being that I’m not sure WHAT to do and HOW to do it — especially considering that the tasks on my list is TO MAKE THE WORLD VEGAN, which is really only one item, in addition to stopping the destruction of the rain forests, the extinction of 100 species per day that’s currently going on, and oh — stopping the injustice, the hatred, the poverty and the wars — and bringing on WORLD PEACE for god’s sake — you know, the usual stuff any self respecting Super Hero or Heroine has on her list.

So I know these are huge tasks — but guess what — not knowing HOW is not a good enough excuse, for not stepping up and doing the work — especially if you consider yourself to be a Superman or a Superwoman, right??!

That’s why I need to get my act together, and start acting like the person I always wanted to be — stop being so shy about it, stop being apologetic, stop being afraid of what others would think.

Start sharing the message that the world needs to hear, FIGURE OUT the way to make people STOP in their tracks and LISTEN, and DO something that will move us in the direction we need to be going, correcting the course, and start EVOLVING and reaching the levels of HUMANITY THAT WE ARE DESTINED TO BE.

Which is: Enlightened. Creative. Advanced. Ethical. Just. Spiritual. Compassionate.

There is no time to be wasted anymore, or to be beating about the bushes (I just realized that “beating about the bushes” is a hunting metaphor), making excuses, doing things half-way — and then hope for the best.

Guess what, it’s not going to be enough.

And it’s not good enough either.

I want to be a Superwoman who’s changing the world — doing what counts EVERY DAY.  Doing something that matters, that’s creating a better world, a better today — and tomorrow, even if tomorrow never comes.

So, how about you?

What would you be doing with your time if you knew you were supported no matter what?

What would you dedicate your life to if you knew you could not fail?

Are you — secretly — a Superman or a Superwoman on a mission to change the world?

If you believe that you have a calling, if you have a message to share, a revolution to start (or join) —  then it’s time to step up and own it. There is no time like the present — it is such a gift (it’s literally called a present — a gift, right?) — and you shouldn’t be wasting another day, another minute not living your calling and not fulfilling your mission.

And if you are a VEGAN on a MISSION, join me — starting with this “The Time Is NOW! Social Media Uprising” to bring the message of ethical veganism to the world.


Let’s rock the online world and reach thousands — millions even — with this message, together. Let’s start changing the world — starting at the root at all evil, which is the cruelty and killing that permeates our every day lives — starting with what we eat and how we treat other living beings that share this planet with us.

By seeing other animals merely as objects to be exploited for food,
we have torn the fabric of essential harmony so deeply that we have created
a culture that enslaves itself, often without realizing it. The domination
of humans by humans is a necessary outgrowth of dominating
other animals for food. As Jim Mason has demonstrated in An
Unnatural Order, there is a strong historical link between the human
enslavement of other humans and the human enslavement of animals
for food. This enslaving mentality of domination and exclusion lies at
the core of the spiritual malaise that allows us to wage war upon the
earth and upon each other.  – Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet

Let’s dust of your blogs and social media profiles. Let’s write those articles, post those photos, record those videos and say the things that you always wanted to say — but weren’t sure if anybody would listen.

Let’s start sharing the message and reaching out to new people. People who are READY to hear this message, but are not hearing it because we keep our mouths shut, or because our message gets lost in the noise of rubbish that’s out there.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve been online for a long time, and do have some ideas, so join my mailing list if you want to know more, and comment below.

When you join, I’ll send you my VEGAN WARRIOR – SOCIAL MEDIA UPRISING welcome kit – a collection of 300 updates (and growing) about veganism for your social media — but it’s not all — you’ll receive detailed instructions what to do with them — where to upload them and how — so that you are not spending your time glued to your social media pages posting updates!

You need to be out there in the world doing your Super Hero work, right ;-).

So let’s get to it!