The world needs YOU.

You have ideas that the world needs to hear about.

You know things that others are ignorant about.

You notice things that others are unaware of.

You care about things that others think are unimportant, or simply they are too lazy or too busy or too … whatever to take the time to explore.

You see things the way no one else sees them – understanding things the way only you can understand them, feeling them the way only you can, with your unique combination of strengths, and weaknesses….


YOU are uniquely qualified to CHANGE THE WORLD by SPEAKING what’s on your mind, by SHARING your message, and — most of all — by BEING ALL YOU CAN BE.




With all your talents, skills, and gifts.

With all your feelings, emotions, and quirks.

With all your struggles, weaknesses, and failings.

No one else can do it but YOU.

But — and mind you, this is a big BUT.


… being YOU to your full potential takes work.

It’s not automatic. It’s not a given.


Warning: What you are today may not be true you. Most likely — it’s not. It may be difficult to tell which part is the ‘true’ you and which is other people, your family, the society, conformity to what’s expected, the so-called traditions – that’s why becoming the true you is not a given; it’s not automatic. You don’t become TRUE YOU just by the virtue of being born and living your life –

You become TRUE YOU by digging deep into your soul, peeling off the layers, and discovering what’s hiding inside of you – the authentic you.

You become TRUE YOU by finding your truth and sharing it with the world.

You need to PRACTICE BEING YOU every day.

You need to work at being authentically YOU every moment of your life.




I know it sounds strange. It’s confusing – how come I need to WORK at something that should be automatic, spontaneous, and natural – that doesn’t make any sense, right?

And yet, when you think about it, it does. It makes perfect sense.  If you don’t work at being YOU, you become other people. You conform to what society expects from you.  You become what your parents always wanted for you. You inhale their fears, their wants, beliefs, and aspirations – and you get confused by accepting what’s not fully yours.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see where other people end and you begin. We like to talk about being independent and free – but we don’t want to stand out too much.

So in the process, we become an AVERAGE of what is out there.

The AVERAGE – which means you’re condemning yourself to mediocrity. To being normal – whatever that means.  Being ordinary, instead of extraordinary. Being like everybody else.  Not a bad thing, but not great either.

So it may take a lot of WORK to become a real you again.

Most people won’t do it. They’re too busy doing other things, too lazy doing nothing in particular, or simply cannot be bothered.

But you — you are different.

You are not most people.

So let me ask you this –

Are you at least curious of what’s hiding inside? What are you capable of? Do you have a feeling that there’s more – more to DO, to EXPERIENCE, to FEEL?

Are you ready to be re-born?

Are you ready to unleash the power of YOU into the world?

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?

Let’s change the world TOGETHER, SOONER , rather than later.