The Herbivore Revolution Challenge

by Sep 26, 2023

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Whether you have one hour per day, per week or per month, with the right tools you could probably do much more that you are currently doing — you’d really be surprised!


Why join me?

* Are you FRUSTRATED because you feel like you are NOT doing ENOUGH to help the animals and our planet?

* Are you OVERWHELMED with the enormity of the problem and the apparent indifference of the majority of people who don’t want to feel challenged, inconvenienced, overwhelmed — choosing to stay “comfortably unaware.”

* Are you UNCERTAIN what is the best use of your time and money? You end up to just make a donation to the first charity that sends you their promotional materials at the end of the year claiming a victory for the farmed animals, endangered species, or solving another problems?

* Are you UNSURE what to say to people and how to be an activist in the world with so much disinformation, conflicting messages, sarcasm and even plain hostility towards this message of justice and compassion. Even activist are often clashing with one another.

* Are you just plain BUSY with lots of things to do on your plate, and you don’t have much time to contribute to activism? Since you have little time and few resources, you are wondering how to spend them right and how to efficiently use time and resources that you have at your disposal?

* Are you STUCK in a situation – a job, relationship, friendships — that question or are in conflict with your values. You would like to build your life, career and perhaps even a business spreading awareness, helping environment, reversing climate change, promoting veganism and helping animals, but you heard that there’s no money in activism and it is completely unrealistic and you question why should you even care.

* Do you have the feeling that TIME IS OF ESSENCE – time is running out with the climate change, environmental destruction, deforestation, species extinction, ocean depletion, pollution of water,  etc. — plus, of course, millions of farm animals slaughtered daily for human consumption. Some predictions are really catastrophic. Why cannot other people wake up and see the truth.