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A Taste of Love: Eat, Love, Vegan (Recipes for Love and Life)A clean romantic comedy with a touch of romance plus some delicious vegan recipes.

When Alexandra agrees to take care of the family restaurant, she thinks it’s only temporary, until her father recovers from a massive heart attack.

What she doesn’t know is that the restaurant is in trouble, and participating in the Xtreme Restaurant Makeover television show may be the only way to save it.

The show is hosted by a hot, but cutthroat, celebrity chef, Russell Stone, who turns around failing restaurants in less than five days, but his style and manners (or lack of thereof) are hard for Alexandra to swallow.

Dirty pots and pans fly around the kitchen, food gets spit out, and interiors are gutted as millions are watching and cheering, the bigger the humiliation of the restaurant owner, the higher the ratings.

She despises the very idea of it and doesn’t think she could do it.

Or could she?

With her father’s health deteriorating, she’ll do almost anything to save his legacy, including getting on the dreaded show, despite her reservations, her only concern being that the new menu is healthy and entirely free of animal ingredients. The show producers believe this may hurt the ratings, which have been declining since the beginning of the season. To stay on the air, the show needs a finale that will make a BANG, not a BUST. Turns out, not just Alexandra’s family restaurant is on the line, but the entire show, as the producers threaten to replace Russell with someone more in touch with the audience or canceling the show altogether.

Will these two be able to overcome their differences to work together to produce an episode that will save the family business and the show?

Find it on Amazon: A Taste of Love: Eat, Love, Vegan (Recipes for Love and Life)

Hearts on Fire: Dogs, Love, and Calendar Heroes (Recipes for Love and Life)

★From the author of A Taste of Love: Eat, Love, Vegan (Recipes for Love and Life), here’s another heart-warming, funny, and inspiring read for animal lovers.★

Olivia is a lawyer and a vegan but quit her well-paying job to work at an animal shelter. Ryan is a hot firefighter and a hero who saves people and animals from fire. Sparks fly from the moment they meet, but after a recent breakup, Olivia is not ready to trust men again. When the shelter is in danger of closing down, the plan is to create a calendar featuring the firefighters and the dogs to be sold at the next fundraiser. Asking Ryan for help may be their last hope, only can he be trusted? With shocking rumors being spread about the shelter, people turning their backs on them, and firefighters joining the competing event, will the fundraiser be a success? Will Olivia and Ryan end up together, or will Olivia’s impossibly high standards keep them apart ever after?


My friends keep telling me that I need a relationship with a man—because the whole world doesn’t revolve around cats, dogs, pigs, and rabbits. But is it my fault that men are mostly liars and cheaters; animals on the other hand, never laugh at you behind your back or pretend they love you, when if fact, they’re having sex with somebody else when you aren’t watching? Being bitter and wary may not be a solution, but why should I lower my standards? I’ve been down the dating-love-relationship path before, and I’m not going there again, certainly not with that smug firefighter-hero, no matter how many animals (or humans) he saves.

When the shelter catches on fire, the local fire department is there to save the animals, with Ryan saving the most dogs and cats, and is all over the television networks, acting like a hero.

As I’m watching Ryan Kowalski and his crew posing for pictures, talking to reporters who treat them as if they’re gods, it bothers me is that it’s just another piece of news that people will forget.

The thing about heroes is that they do this epic thing and leave, but then it’s up to everyone else to clean up the mess, which in this case means taking care of the dogs and cats in the Kind Heart Animal Shelter—and do our best to save their lives every day before it’s too late and they’re sent to animal heaven.

Only that’s not newsworthy enough, not dramatic enough
There’s no fire gushing in the background. Just mouths to feed and poops to scoop.
No one will show us on prime-time television doing that!

The truth is no one cares about the life and death of these animals, and many of them will end up dead maybe even next week or month, because there’s not enough space and no money to keep them alive in the shelter. Why don’t people come and save them? That way, everybody can be a hero. It’s easy—Adopt. Foster. Volunteer.

Meanwhile, the question is if we can keep providing safe heaven for the animals in our care and find homes for them before it’s too late and they’re sent to kill shelters?

And will I able to find a man I can trust, or will my impossibly high standards keep me from love ever after?

*** A novella for all animal lovers and vegans. You will laugh; and you will cry.

Get it on Amazon: Hearts on Fire

The Kind Summer (Rebels With A Cause)

Sara is crushed when she learns she won’t be going on the trip of her lifetime across Europe. Instead, she’ll be spending the summer with an aunt she doesn’t remember, volunteering at a farm animal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere, with her younger brother and sister. What’s fun about that? Her spirits are low and expectations even lower, but what she doesn’t know is how that summer will change her forever.***A fun and thought-provoking read for tweens, teens, and adults.

*** Buy The Kind Summer (Rebels With A Cause) by Joanna Slodownik.***

The Kind Fashionista

The Kind Fashionista: How I Became an Accidental Fashion Icon and Stole the Show (Rebels With A Cause)

Can a group of fashion-challenged dorks and social misfits steal the fashion show from the glamorous but mean fashionistas, proving that personality, smarts, and self-expression win (almost) every time?

When the Find-Your-Style fashion design, sewing, and jewelry making workshop is announced, culminating with a FASHION SHOW & EXTRAVAGANZA, Sara doesn’t even think about participating. After being officially appointed a FASHION DISASTER by the school fashionistas, she doesn’t want to humiliate myself in front of the entire school and town. Besides, being trendy is not something that she’s concerned about. In her book, practicality wins over appearances every time, and what’s ACTUALLY INSIDE YOUR HEAD is more important than whether your hair has been colored, blow-dried, and curled. It’s only when I realize that participating in the show may actually give my friends and me a chance to get back at the mean fashionistas that I decide to ‘join the circus’. There is only one problem—signing up is easy, but what will we wear? With the show’s big date getting closer, there’s little time to figure out our revenge. As we go on that journey, we get close and personal with the contents of our closets and face our dorkiness, self-consciousness, and other demons. We also discover that we are not just smart and caring individuals with an important message to share with the world (and our school mates) but have a distinct personal style as well. Buy The Kind Fashionista: How I Became an Accidental Fashion Icon and Stole the Show (Rebels With A Cause) by Joanna Slodownik.