World Goes Vegan Challenge is Here!

Vegan Crusaders Wanted!

Plant-Eaters and Animal-Defenders Are Needed to Take Action!

How to plant MORE seeds of veganism using online marketing tools & techniques and start making a difference one post at a time.

Is it just me or do any of you also feel like I am not doing enough to help the animals, spread the message about veganism and help change the status quo?

That’s why I’m putting together a challenge – for myself, and I invite you to join me.

It’s called World Goes Vegan Challenge.

(That’s the tentative name that I came up with yesterday, I hope you like it, but it may change ;-))

Why join me?

* Are you FRUSTRATED because you feel like you are NOT doing ENOUGH to help the animals?

* Are you OVERWHELMED with the enormity of the problem and the apparent indifference of the majority of people?

* Are you UNCERTAIN what is the best use of your time and money? You end up to just make a donation to the first charity that sends you their promotional materials at the end of the year claiming a victory for the farmed animals?

* Are you UNSURE what to say to people and how to be an activist in the world with so much disinformation, conflicting messages, sarcasm and even plain hostility towards this message of justice and compassion. Even vegans seem to be clashing with one another, so it’s not surprising that people are suspicious when they hear the word VEGAN. They don’t want to feel challenged, inconvenienced, overwhelmed — they prefer to stay “comfortably unaware.”

* Are you just plain BUSY with lots of things to do on your plate, and you don’t have much time to contribute to activism? Since you have little time and few resources, you are wondering how to spend them right and how to efficiently use time and resources that you have at your disposal?

* Are you STUCK in a situation – a job, relationship, friendships — that question or are in conflict with your values. You would like to build your life, career and perhaps even a business promoting veganism and helping animals, environment, but you heard that there’s no money in veganism and you don’t think it’s realistic or something that you could do.

* Do you have the feeling that TIME IS OF ESSENCE /of being PRESSED FOR TIME – time is running out /with climate change, environmental destruction, deforestation, species extinction, overfishing, etc. — plus, of course, millions of farm animals slaughtered daily for human consumption. Some predictions are really catastrophic. Why cannot other people wake up and see the truth.

Who should join me?

Do any of those ring true?

* None of your friends responds to your Facebook posts about veganism and you have a growing suspicion that they secretly blocked you from their feed, as they don’t want to see any more pictures of animal misery and recipes for egg-free broccoli casserole with tofurky sausage.

* The discussions you join in good faith on mainstream websites, trying to explain the idea behind veganism, compassion and justice, usually turn ugly and put you on the defensive, with people with bizarre nicknames calling you names, throwing all kinds of accusations, remarks full of sarcasm and hatred, even though you tried to stay civil the whole time; leaving you feeling drained, disenchanted, and angry.

* If you try to ignore them and don’t comment, you end up feeling even worse, like a traitor.

* Your mother thinks you joined a dangerous sect (like mine); and are going to permanently damage your children, condemning them to the life of bland nutrition and limited social interaction (who would like to socialize with a grouch who doesn’t like pizza, burgers and tells everyone exactly where the meat for the hot dogs came from).

* Your blog (if you have one) and social pages attract mostly other vegans, and you wish you’d be reaching more diverse group of people, and not preach to the choir all the time.

* You end up spending most of your time in members-only Facebook groups with other vegans, venting your frustrations, but not reaching anyone new with your message.

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so, please keep reading.

Veganism is gaining momentum — let’s help reach that tipping point faster.

The tools that are available today give us the ability to speed up the process, if we only step up our game a little…

… or a lot.

With the right tools and tactics, we could be doing so much more!

What will be included in the challenge:

(which may later turn into a mastermind group, an ebook, an online course, or a coaching program):

  • How to BECOME A CONNECTOR: increase the number of connections: friends, connections, followers, etc. (and why it even matters)? Some vegans are most comfortable when socializing with people who share their beliefs, but this is not how the change happens.
  • How to automate or outsource posting to make you more productive (tools, such as HootSuite, Buffer, Zapier, TweetAdder, Fiverr, etc.), so you can post MORE while spending LESS time on the computer and more doing things that really matter.
  • How to create CONTENT STRATEGY – what to post and what NOT to post for maximum effect.
  • Different types of tactics to speak to the audiences in different stages of awareness (from those who are “comfortably unaware,” to those who are already vegetarian or even vegan, but who may need support to stay vegan or move to veganism (over 70% of vegetarians go back to eating meat.)
  • What niches & demographics to target?
  • How to create a consistent message, so that we don’t confuse people?
  • How to tell your story and why personal stories are some of the most powerful marketing techniques out there.
  • Possibly also how to set up your own website, write an ebook for Kindle (not another vegan recipe book or why to be vegan book, unless you really want to write that book), make videos, and even start selling stuff online to earn some money to fuel your passion (you can invest in better tools, books, printing leaflets, online advertising (promoting posts on FB to attract more followers; buying a Fiverr gig, give it to your favorite animal shelter or simply splurge on some greens, beans and tofu) an online business.
  • How to FIND YOUR VOICE when advocating for the animals? You don’t have to post gory pictures of animal misery if that makes you (or your readers) uncomfortable.
  • How to MODERATE your pages – best strategies to prevent people from posting inappropriate comments and content; and when it happens – how to reply to vile anonymous comments.
  • Tips on guest posting, writing articles and submitting them for publication on popular websites, approaching bloggers, writing a resource box, etc.
  • OPTIONALLY (this is probably outside of the scope, and could become a separate, more advanced program), how to set up an email list in autoresponder and send automated your messages, and why it is worthwhile to do that (any website, such as Facebook or Twitter can disappear tomorrow, and you’ll lose all your contacts and content. You have full control over your list.
  • Create a list of books to read, movies to watch, etc. to recommend to people.
  • Setting up affiliate programs. Signing up for affiliate programs & advertising.

I’m thinking of 30-day challenge (just as Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has 30-Day Vegan Challenge) – to try to plant as many seeds as possible, reach as many people with information and inspiration.

Whether you have one hour per day, per week or per month, with the right tools you could probably do much more that you are currently doing — you’d really be surprised!

The goal should be to post a couple of times per day – it may seem like a lot, but it’s much easier than you may think, plus, you will NOT be posting exclusively to your personal profiles and you will NOT be posting exclusively about VEGANISM.

In fact the KEY is that the posts about veganism are in minority and they come only AFTER people have gotten to know you, trust you, and like you – so that you don’t get dissed and dismissed as a crazy person.

I’d very much appreciate your input and any suggestions that you may have.
Also, let me know if any of you would be interested in joining me in the first challenge?

If so, please sign up for my email list on, so that you’d be sure to receive the updates.

You may be wondering who I am – we most likely never met before (even virtually), as I’m pretty much of a lurker on most forums and don’t participate in discussions.

It’s not that I’m some kind of a productivity guru. In fact, I need this challenge as much as anyone else.

I need to start taking advantage of these tools, too.

About me. I’ve been involved in various forms of internet marketing for 5+ years now. I’ve been building websites, doing social media promotions, writing ebooks, publishing on Kindle, etc.

What I can contribute to the group of the brave souls that will respond to my call is this:

  • Suggestions of tools and techniques to use.
  • Help with creating pages, social profiles, images, logos, etc.
  • Help setting up automated post sequences – with suggestions on what to post, when to post, who to target, etc.

Hopefully, at the end of the 30-day challenge, you’ll step up your game, so you can take another challenge.

You can also find yourself with such a following that you may even be able to start your own online business promoting veganism, find a better job, make connections with new friends that will last a lifetime, etc.

Before I went vegan I was passionate about healthy nutrition: green smoothies and juices, so much that I build websites devoted to promoting these healthy habits.