I have a dream that one day, vegan recipe books will be the only books sold in online stores and brick-and-mortar bookstores.



Never gonna happen?

Probably, unless we take publishing in our own hands.


If you’ve been thinking about writing an eBook but aren’t sure where to start, why not take a look at your blog? You probably already have a ton of content that could potentially be included in your book.

Lots of vegans write blogs about food, filling them with insightful articles, delicious recipes, and stunning photography. They build a loyal audience, but after a while, the audience stops to grow, and the authors may feel like they are talking to the same people all the time, not reaching new readers.

If you are one of the vegan food bloggers who wishes they could grow their readership to reach more people, create more leverage, and have more impact, then writing and publishing a book may be the perfect solution for you.

Now, I’m not talking about writing your blog and growing your readership to the point when a publisher (or an agent) notices you and contacts you with a book deal. This certainly happens, but it usually takes lots of time, sweat and tears.

I’m also not talking about signing up your blog for Kindle. Some people do it, but that’s not what I mean.

What I’m talking about here is putting together and self-publishing an actual ebook on Amazon Kindle and other electronic publishing sites.

Yes, it’s more complicated than getting your blog syndicated on Kindle, but it’s well worth the effort.

There are a few reasons for that, as you’ll find out below.

Vegan Recipe eBooks Take Over Amazon Kindle: 5 Reasons Why Each Vegan Blogger Should Publish an Ebook

#1. Book allows you to present and organize your content better. One is that you can rest easy knowing that when people find your book you’ll know exactly what they are reading and the exact order that they are reading it. Most blogs are like magazines where the most recent posts stand out, but it’s difficult to read from beginning to end like a book. With a book, you’ll be giving them the best chance possible to connect with the information and really learn something.

With a blog, few readers read it from beginning to end. It will be difficult to do, anyway, because, by definition blogs display the most recent content first. So, in order to find older articles, the readers have to dig into the archives. There are too many chances that they would get distracted in the process, and click on other links, or encounter something that made little sense without proper explanation and leave.

Besides that, when you write a blog you may find yourself repeating the same things over and over, explaining the basics concepts for the benefit of new readers, while boring or annoying your old audience.

#2. People tend to skim blog posts. With books, they usually read it much more slowly and carefully to be sure not to miss anything. So if you really want your writing to connect with people properly, you better start publishing books.

#3. Attract new readers. Basically blogging is more of a way of entertaining the people you’ve already convinced of your awesomeness. Fact is, many vegan blogs, are only attracting other vegans, so the authors may be feeling like they are preaching to a choir.

To reach new audiences, you have to venture beyond the comfort of your vegan blog. Publishing a book gives you a great opportunity to do just that. By publishing your content on Amazon, as well as other websites, you’ll expand your reach and gain access to new readers.

#4. Become a published author. Even though it’s an ebook, and it’s self-published, you are become an author. Congratulations!

#5. Last, but not least, you’ll be able to make money.  If you’ve been trying to make money from your blog, you know that it’s not easy. Even if you’ve been trying to sell your own books from your website, it’s just difficult. The main reason is that no one goes to a blog to search for things to buy.  On the other hand, when people go to Amazon, they usually already have an account with their current credit card information ready for one-click purchases.

It makes all the difference!

Yes, some people go to Kindle searching for free books, but there are enough serious buyers out there to make it worthwhile for you to sell your books on Kindle. Besides, giving your book for free is not always a bad idea either. Sometimes giving your book and other content for free makes a lot of sense.

But it only makes sense if you are being strategic about giving away your stuff, which simply means you know why you are doing that and what you want to achieve as a result.

So, have you been thinking about converting your blog to an eBook?

Let me know in the comments!

Let’s change the world together, sooner, rather than later,




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